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... to the beloved clipboard manager Clippy!

ClippyPro 1.5 and ClippyFree 1.5 released!

Because I invested much time and work into the new version, I decided to offer Clippy in two versions:

  1. ClippyFree as freeware version
  2. ClippyPro as shareware version

The following features are new:

  • Many bugs have been corrected
  • The protocol-mode is included into the Windows-system, now. You won't need to set a time-interval and the system-performance will be better than before.
  • Within the protocol-mode You can choose the kind of deletion
  • The list-window is completely redesigned and presents you more information and overview on less space
  • You can drag and drop text into both directions. This means, you can now drag one list-entry into another application.
  • The mini-mode-window can be fade out
  • With Windows 2000 and XP you can set the opacity of the mini-mode-window
  • Big contents of the clipboard will be ignored by setting a limitaion-value. This protects the system-performance and avoids possible problems
  • Futher functions:
    • Protected entries within the systray-/context-menu
    • Transformation of text into escape-codes
    • Transformation of German-characters into alternatives
    • Bug-report-dialog for easier report of bugs

Clippy in the press (Germany)

Article in the c't 21/2002 page 080

magazine for computer technology
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Article in the FAZ 15.10.02 in Technik und Motor
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PC Advisor - Expert Advice in Plain English You can find Clippy on the DVD of issue 95 (July 2003)
in the category Bonanza/Utilities: desktop


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