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Microsoft Windows Installer

Since version 1.5 of Clippy, Clippy is distributed with the Microsoft Windows Installer. On most systems this installer is already installed. If so, it is enough to download the MSI-archive.

If the installer isn't available on your system, you should download the setup-archive (2.83 MB).
Extract the archive into the same folder as the MSI-archive. Execute the setup-program.

Please read the installation instruction.

WinZIP 8.1

To extract the files you have to use an unzip- respectively zip-program (not needed with WinXP). If you don't own such a program, install it please.

Version 1.5

The version 1.5 can be downloaded on external servers. If you have problems with the downloading, visit the following servers: Tripod.
ClippyPro is the Shareware version and ClippyFree is the Freeware version.

1.5.1308 MSI-Archiv (2.47 MB)
Server 1, Server 2
MSI-Archiv (2.53 MB)
Server 1, Server 2
Simply replace Clippy.exe
Update-Archive (186 KB) Update-Archive (182 KB)
SetupMicrosoft Windows Installer
only needed,
when msi-file
doesn't work
Setup archive Server 1, Server 2 (2.83 MB)
see instructions

Downloads with the friendly support of updates and dotnext.

PAD file:
ClippyPro PAD, ClippyFree PAD

Installation instructions

The best way for installation:

  1. Download the MSI archive of ClippyPro or ClippyFree
  2. Unpack the MSI archive into a folder of your choise
  3. Doubleclick on the MSI file

If the installation doesn't start, follow the following instructions:

  1. Download the setup archive
  2. Unpack the setup archive into the same folder as the MSI archive
  3. Start the program "Setup.exe"

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