WordPress plugin: InterLink

Note (for german users): Um ein breiteres Publikum zu erreichen, ist dieser Artikel in Englisch verfasst. Er richtet sich an WordPress-Nutzer und nicht an die Allgemeinheit.

My first plugin implements a kind of InterWiki links into WordPress. It helps authors and readers with external links.

Authors can just write [[wikipedia:InterWiki]] to link to the wikipedia article for the lemma „InterWiki“. In the current version of InterLink you can create links to the following sites (just replace InterWiki with your own word or phrase):


Readers can identify the target of links by link earmarks. External links, links to wikipedia, to google, to delicious and to the internet movie database have different earmarks. Internal links can be identified by the absence of the earmark.

Optionally the administrator of the blog can switch off earmarks or globally set the target of external links.